Product surface design, company logos and interiors

Russo’s Farmers Market and Iggy’s bread of the world are both local Boston-based businesses that have used Susy’s work for a variety of design applications.  Susy has designed a variety of company logos, print advertisements, interior wall prints, produce bags and surface design for table top.  Pizza Hut international commissioned large scale imagery for their restaurants for the Arab Emirates, Malaysia. In addition, local restaurants have been a long time clients.  Pomodoro in the North End of Boston as well as Brookline village have commissioned a series of large paintings.  Susy has designed logo’s and restaurant collateral for The Charles Hotel and Henrietta’s Table in Cambridge Boston MA.  More recently Susy’s has worked with the Lyons Group to develop Osteria Nino restaurant logo and associated materials and Caffè Nero international for Massachusetts coffee stores. Some of that design work is shown below.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut International commissioned large restaurant panels and surface designs. This work was applied to walls as well as a large light fixture.

The Charles Hotel & Herietta’s Table

Designs for the Charles Hotel series of catalogs.


Designs for plates, bowels and tea towels.


Russo’s farmers market in Watertown Massachusetts have been one of Susy’s longest local customers. Print advertisements, their logo and produce bags are shown below.



Caffè Nero

Design for Iggy’s Bread of the World

Iggy’s Bread of the world Massachusetts. The logo design has been used extensively by Iggy’s and applied to produce bags, trucks, tea towels and aprons.

Land of Nod

The Land of Nod is a baby and child clothing and bedding online store.

Osteria Ninio