Asked to draw a portrait of Cindy Lauper in a Susy way by Kathryn Finney (LIVE HAPPY MAG)

 I said, “you know what I love about this assignment? Everything!”

Full tilt, what does Cyndi Look like ,whats the vibe, face,hair,full body, movement, I wanted “essense” I listened to an NPR interview, got stills from a mini u-tube interview,thought about her colours (ranchy red, hottest pink, standby black)  got reference photos and more.Following is a gaud, slightly messy drive though this illustration assignment …Blog early1 Played about a bitBlOG P2did more…Blog P3showed KathrynPAGE4

The Art Director settled on a final…did the title with a few options.Ta da! A girl just has to have