Life is a wild ride sometimes, the last 4 years have had their interesting times:) one day, this spring , we were delivering a tray + base to Elizabeth Duvivier (Founder / Director, Squam Art Workshops) when she kindly offered both Keith and I time and space in the June workshops. We work everyday, many hours, I juggle the illustration assignments and our PilgrimWaters functional art pieces business .Keith mans so many other portals.SQUAM LAKE What a chance for a wonderful restorative break.

I attended a thoughtful challenging knitting workshop with Gudrun Johnston,thinking i MIGHT  learn how to finally make a sweater worthy of finishing for keith ( this session is particularly dedicated to knitters) but all creatives are invited.

We also took a photography class with the incredible Helen DuJardin,( who gave us such sparks of sound advice and happy interactions: ))) not so much these ones , but stand by for future posts.


before instruction my snap of Raven , our new silk cotton scarf, skirt/dress: ) wall hanging/light/shade: )IMG_5867

Our newest tray Otto, and a sky blue table tray. (mells & joans knittng too) our learning curve is steep….BUT so fun and rewarding. BIG thanks to those anyone who were with us in classes and for being so fab at the Squam Fair: )))) Thanks to the knitters who patiently went with the flow too.YE HA xo