Building a web site is not for sissys… so I didn’t but Keith did. Holy Smoke…however I did have to gather 25 years of images, I was not a good record keeper, dates of when I got awards or had shows forgotten.  I never wrote a resume until this year when I did a wee bit of teaching. It was not good. SO if you do look at this site, so wonderfully adapted and tirelessly worked on by my Darling Keith then kudos to you.Thank you. Please forgive my typos and lack of memory for some of these jobs.. I did what i could, lots and LOTS is NOT here..but lets press on with the NEW.

I look forward to a new chapter in design and in creative endeavors. Don’t hesitate to be in touch to discuss me working with YOU >

I am a freelance designer, with a **** load of experience,but always plenty to learn.